Welcome to the home page of the updated community release of the CPA engine (Common Programming Architecture).

CPA Editor Community Version is an updated version of the original CPA editor that includes many patches, bugfixes, quality-of-life improvements, and content ported from the PC version of Rayman 2.


The CPA engine is a 3D game engine originally developed by UbiSoft in the 90s. It was used in games such as Tonic Trouble, Rayman 2, Rayman 3 and many more.

In February 2022, a version of the CPA engine and editor used during the development of Rayman DS (port of Rayman 2) and Rayman Raving Rabbids DS (internally known as Rayman 4 DS) was released to the Internet.

Since then, the Rayman modding community has been working on patching and improving the CPA editor.